April 18, 2019

2023-03-20 | 04:55:00

"These guys are great. We had them move my mom from a storage unit at Southtowne Mini Warehouse in a climate control unit to her new home. The moving crew showed up on time and were very professional. The were respectful of her things and had her moved in no time at all. We have been very pleased with this moving company and highly recommend them. Thanks again for your good service at a reasonable price."
April 17, 2019

2023-03-20 | 04:55:01

"Hands down the best movers! They do a wonderful job!"
March 15, 2019

2023-03-20 | 04:55:05

"Very pleased with this company. The guys were great ..Courteous and professional and even had a few laughs. Would highly recommend and will Without a doubt use their services again!"
February 12, 2019

2023-03-20 | 04:55:06

"In short, Delaneys movers are hands down the best. They are quick, efficient, and handled everything with care- and affordable. I would describe this last move as the best ever. My family and I want to thank you guys for doing such a great job, going over and above my expectations. Details may be minor but when it comes down to it moving is an art, and with it you place your whole life in their hands, especially with the boxes containing priceless items such as baby books and pictures. Delaneys hooked up my washer/dryer, and they even moved the previous owners unwanted washer/dryer to the outside shed. I’ve moved 4 times in the past 7 years, and Delaneys was cheaper, quicker, and more friendly than anyone else (including when I had friends move me). They worked me in when I discovered my move out date was earlier than expected. The gentleman treated my things like their own, handling everything with care. I never realized the art of loading a truck- similar to playing Tetris. One guy looked at the items needing loading then looked at the back of the truck, I could tell he was formulating a plan of what goes where. As they worked I saw how much pride they took in their job, and these days it’s hard to see that from anyone knew what to put where so there wasn’t any wasted space. They wrapped my electronics (72” flatscreen tv) in a way that it was perfect when unloaded and placed inside. They even put everything in the room is was supposed to be- moving items I decided to put elsewhere without complaint."
February 3, 2019

2023-03-20 | 04:55:07

"Delaney's Moving and Storage has moved my family several times locally and out of state. Moving is stressful but Delaney's handled everything without any damage. Even my wife's antique furniture pieces were tagged to handle with extra care. Best price I could find (I did not get charged with extra fees when I needed extra boxes/bubble wrap, etc.) and the Owner was very accommodating and professional. Have recommended Delaney's Moving and Storage to my friends and coworkers!"